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Mount Pico is the highest peak in Portugal and is located in Pico Island, Azores. Mount Pico is one of the main attractions in the island where, every day, dozens of people climb to its very top, “Pico pequeno” or “Piquinho”. Due to its challenges, this activity requires a mountain guide. Our mountain guides are all certified by the relevant authorities (Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change) and are responsible for the safety of our visitors. Mountain guides are incredibly important due to Mount Pico´s unpredictability and the extenuating pressure the mountain may place on its visitors. Our mountain guides ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time hiking Mount Pico.



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Our mountain guides help you plan and tailor all activities you are interested in and according to your needs.

Quim Néné, was in born in Pico Island and has been a mountain guide for over 30 years. He is a certified mountain guide by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, and the perfect person to help you discover Pico Island! Whether you are visiting us during Summer or Winter, Quim Nené knows the mountain and the island like the palm of his hand and will show you the best this place has to offer!

Quim Néné´s biggest passion is nature and the ocean. He avidly enjoys sharing his passion while helping others discover unique and magical places in Pico. Quim Nené is also an experienced sportsman, having won several competitions in. If you are visiting Pico to have a good time and/or improve your fitness, he will help you achieve your objectives! 

His enthusiasm and energy are contagious. He thrives to meet new adventurers and share great energy with all those who visit us!  


“To me, being a guide means capturing the beauty and adventure every season has to offer. Being a guide is to follow the essence nature has to offer.”

What I see in the mountain is indescribable! Every single day in the mountain is special, with new experiences and stories to tell!”

It truly is a fantastic job, especially when you get to live in the most amazing place on earth! “  

Quim Néné

Quim Néné

Manager | Sénior Guide

Sónia Mendes

Guide| Monitor

Manuel Leal

Guide | Monitor

Filipe Fernandes

Windsurf foil  I Instructor

Stella Soeil

Yoga | Instructor

Belchior Neves

Windsurf | Instructor

Bruno Leal

Guide |Monitor

Maria Alexandra

Assistant | Monitor

Quim Néné


Gil Mendes











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Finding the best solution for you and your group is very important for us. We want to provide unforgettable experiences whilst placing safety first… and always!


Our client´s safety is our priority. If, at any point, the safety of our clients is deemed compromised, the activity carried out will be suspended. The decision to suspend the activity is usually dependent on various factors, including the degree of difficulty of the activity itself:




It is our duty to protect all of our clients and collaborators. We guarantee trustworthiness and competence in the services provided whilst having your wellbeing as our primary focus!