In Pico Island, everyone has two passions:

The ocean and the mountain





Quim Néné was born 50 years ago in Areia Larga. He began climbing Mount Pico in his adolescence, adventuring into the unknown alongside his friends. Since then, Quim Nené has been guiding visitors to the peak of Portugal.


Quim Néné is one of the longest serving mountain guides in Pico Island, having guided and supported thousands of hikers from all over the world. The trip to Mount Pico starts at “Casa da Montanha” and finishes at top of Mount Pico, “Pico Pequeno” or “Piquinho, Quim Néné is an avid storyteller and will share with you all the secrets the mountain holds and bring you an unforgettable journey filled with adventure. 


When not in the mountain, Quim Nené spends his time in the ocean: kayaking, windsurfing, and fishing. When not in the ocean, you will find him exploring the many lava caves found in the island as well as cycling. Come join him on these adventures too!


Quim Néné knows Pico Island like the palm of his hand and does not see himself living anywhere else in the world. He takes huge pride in showing you the real Pico Island, beyond the beaten track! Experiencing Pico with Quim Néné will leave you feeling that you are part of this island too.




strong and sustainable



Mount Pico is characterized by its biodiversity and cultural heritage. Every year, thousands of travellers seek Mount Pico to experience its beauty, adventure but also the indescribable peace the mountain has to offer. With the rise of tourism in the island, it is now possible to provide organized expeditions to Mount Pico as well as other organized activities. Whether you are a travelling solo or with a group, LAVAsteps is here to support your adventures, ensuring your stay in Pico goes beyond your expectations!


Pico island is a fairly untouched paradise. To experience Pico at its full potential, it is essential to have a tour guide! Our tour guides are all native to Pico island and are committed to making you feel part of the island.


Our guides are highly specialized and will provide you a true understanding of what it is to live in Pico: the history, culture, adventure and spirituality behind it. This way, promoting tourism that benefits the local community while preserving the environment.



" You don´t need to be the tallest. You just need to be you, Pico, to reflect the beauty of all other mountains, including your six sky companions that we saw this summer from Açor to Azores. Mysterious or magical? Sacred or Atlantis?

Transparent because it is so dark? No other peak could be called Pico.

... Quim Nené reminisces through his adolescence in Areia Larga, memories from when he escaped his home, to hike Pico for the first time... Starting from Madalena where Manuel de Arriaga, along with Arthur dÁvellar, left to complete his first climb in 1887, an experience that would inspire him to write “Canto ao Pico”,

long before he was the head of the future republic.


André Cunha

5th September 2020, 7:01